Airport protesters funded by ISIS?

You’ll never believe what Brietbart journalists have uncovered.

Take a seat folks.

Investigative reporting by Three Percenter United Patriots of America (PUPEA) found that ALL of the quote on quote ‘protesters’ in Airport Terminals are in fact paid crisis actors and actresses.

But here’s the real scoop:


Some wonder if there is any difference between the two at this point, seeing how George Soros is actually behind the rise of ISIS.

They are being paid in bitcoin so that it is untraceable, making it almost impossible for the Trump administration to prove in a court of law.

It is even being said that some of these ‘protesters’ are confirmed sympathizers and members of ISIS themselves.

Now is the time for the Trump administration to send a strong message that we do not negotiate with terrorists, and round up these protesters along with the invading illegals that think they have a right to come into this country so they can establish Sharia Law.

Not on our watch.

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