Is Bestselling Anti-Trump ‘Fire & Fury’ Book Funded by the George Soros?

Where there is fire, expect smoke.

It turns out Michael Wolff, the author of the controversial new bestseller casting Trump in a disparaging light, may have been bankrolled by George Soros, and other members of the so-coined ‘Deep-State’ in the past.

Breitbart journalists have uncovered MOUNTAINS of evidence that Wolff has been been funded by the pockets of Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, and the Rothschild family for many years prior to writing this book.

Other undisclosed sources purport that Wolff even attended Zuckerberg’s Bar Mitzvah, just five years prior to him founding facebook, the gigantic social network medium you probably found this article on.

More information is coming soon.

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Keep digging, the TRUTH may surprise you.

Header Image by the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Some Rights Reserved.

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