Did son of George Soros just accidentally admit that he mailed the bomb to himself?

George Soros has been in the media lately for funding the migrant caravan, but it may turn out that he has even more nefarious plans for the upcoming midterm.

Alex Soros, son of George Soros, went to Twitter to decry the alleged bomb attempts on his father, Barack Hussein Obama, Andrew Coumo, and Oprah Winfrey.

Right to left: Queer McBeardsly, Alexander Soros, and presumably a terrorist.

But if you look at the date and time on his tweets, you will notice that it was tweeted BEFORE a bomb was sent to Andrew Coumo.

And Oprah Winfrey hasn’t even received a bomb yet.

Was this all a false flag orchestrated by elite Jews with deep pockets and connections in the Deepstate?

More information is coming soon.

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