Eminem Arrest From 2014 Uncovered: Paid For Sex With A Non-Binary Prostitute?

A new police report from 2014 is shedding light on the recent Trump critic’s extracurricular activity.

According to the police report, Eminem paid Eldrick Tont Woods $190 for a night of discrete illicit activity.

A spokesman for the Orange County DA said a deal was made with that did not require Eminem to plead guilty, but required him to fulfill community service obligations and register as a sex offender if he violated his probation.

A spokesman for Eminem’s label said that there will be no comment on the matter from them or from Eminem.

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  2. Breitbart is the best. I read your London issue, too.

  3. Just like the media……lol don’t think he didn’t count on this!

  4. I am with Trump all the way now Eminem is a queer oh my God I never knew this as he violated his probation why is he not in jail, and he’s a sex offender how did he keep this why didn’t anybody know any of this?

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      1. You’re an idiot emenim is still the shit no matter who he wants to be with he is better that you will ever be at anything even with his mistakes..

    2. Read it again dummy. It said that if he violates his probation then he’ll be registered. God. Women only hear what they want.

  5. Hmmmmmmmm……”People Who Live In Glass Houses”.

    1. You say this from experience?

  6. Time to crush antifa with your army, Donald Trump!

  7. A spokesman for Eminem’s label said that there will be no comment on the matter from them or from Eminem.

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