FBI: Moslem Teenager Planned To Blow Up Synagogue, Frame Alt-Right

The Federal Bureau of Investigations held a press conference Tuesday evening announcing they had made an arrest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, of a terror suspect who planned to use jet fuel to cause structural damage to a local synagogue and collapse it.

Prior his arrest, Abu Omar al-Shishani told an undercover agent in deep cover that he planned to pull off the attack Wednesday morning, and frame members of the alt-right for the attack.

Special Agent Derek Morgan was wearing a wire, and was able to find out about several other potential attacks being planned out by ISIS.

This is the third successful arrest of a terrorist on homegrown soil under the Trump administration – and the first to bring in so much actionable intel.

Section Chief Mateo Cruz says that the FBI has their work cut out for them in the coming months, arresting Abu’s compatriots in underground ISIS cells, and some more openly serving as Imams in local mosques.

The FBI declined to confirm whether or not this was linked to a network of underground sex trafficking perpetrated by Moslem Mosques and well connected DC insiders.



  1. This guy’s Muslim ? Rigghhhhhtttt

  2. Damn, he sure is gonna be in some hot water with Kylie Jenner over these extra curricular activities.

  3. Oh those poor victimised white supremisists, because if I were a Muslim (I’m not), I’d totally go around blowing up my own precious place of worship.

    If ISIS need to have hate against Muslims as propoganda material, they hardly need to go manufacturing it in the US.

    I’m not saying it’s fake news or anything, but seriously? Sympathizing with the alt-right and using this as material to feed into a narrative that Muslims generally agree with this event? Because Muslims everywhere love boring up their own assets – as a Westerner outside the US I find this reporting obserd.

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