FEDS Write the Rules for the War on Christmas – Exclude Other Faiths in Restrictive Decorations Ruling

Just in time for the Christmas season, the oft-overbearing Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) released a highly restrictive ruling specifically targeting common Christmas Decorations- the same variety that anyone celebrating the birth of Christ is already likely to have in their home.

While very intentionally avoiding the use of the word "Christ" or even "Christmas" 16 CFR 1120 specifically targets objects which are unique to Christmas. Objects such as "stars, wreathes, [and] candles without shades". It makes no mention of Jewish or Muslim decorations in its list of products slated for stricter governmental regulation and control.

The rules demand special plugs, thicker and more expensive cabling, and adherence strict reporting requirements for all affected Christmas decorations.

Even while the CPSC attempts to use safety as the primary justification for its war on Christmas, it begrudgingly admits that the products have not been related to a single fatal incident in the last 6 years.

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