Florida Shooter Linked To AntiFa, Related To Sen. Ted Cruz?

The teenager accused of killing 17 people at a Florida high school on Wednesday has already confessed to the heinous crime, but that’s not what’s making headlines in MSM.

Rather, they are speculating and desperately trying to link him to Donald Trump and the White Nationalist movement by any means possible.

It turns out that Nikolas Cruz is NOT a linked to any White Nationalist organizations as previously reported by#FakeNews CNN and (((DailyWire))), but is in fact of Hispanic origin, a member of his local antifa Chapter — and related to Ted Cruz?

You heard that last part correctly. Nikolas Jacob Cruz is apparently a distant relative of Cruz, a ‘second nephew nephew twice removed’ as reported by the Conservative Tribute. If you go even father back, he has relatives in common with Senator Marco Rubio, who is from Cuba as well.

But relations to Senators of shady national origins aside, the big story here is that apparently, he is linked to a local antifa chapter operated out of Arcadia, Florida.

3% Percenter United Patriot Eagles of America (PUPEA) reported that they had been doing covert recon operations on this local chapter for some time, and knew all the ins and the outs of the organization.

They even sent one of their members in deep cover, and what he discovered is disturbing.

More information is coming soon.

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