Former Democrat Sen. Weiner: ‘My Party Has Betrayed Me, I’m Endorsing Roy Moore’

The mainstream news media was shocked to hear that early Tuesday morning, former Democrat Senator Anthony Weiner had an announcement from his cell in Federal Medical Center Devens.

‘My Party has betrayed me, I’m endorsing Roy Moore for US Senate. I can no longer put partisan lines before America. We need reform on age of consent laws to Make America Great Again’

Anthony Weiner and Roy Moore are the only former and potential members of the Senate to endorse a widesweeping Federal Age of Consent law, which would bring the nationwide age of consent to 14.

Roy Moore’s campaign cited ‘the purity’ of young women, and the fact that it’s easier to grow a large family ‘if you start them young’.

Anthony Weiner took a different approach, pointing out that, ‘young women often lie’ and it’s only fair to ‘give men some leeway in this area’.

Senator Mitch McConnell and the RNC continue to give reluctant support to Moore’s candidacy, but could not be reached for comment on the proposed Federal Age of Consent law.

The proposal has received bipartisan support from various groups including NAMBLA, a longtime bipartisan special interests group.

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