Breaking: Hillary Clinton’s Leaked Details To Illegaly Sex Traffic White Children

Indictment Imminent!


BOMBSHELL REPORT coming from investigations into Anthony Wiener’s server.

A reliable source from the FBI Behavior Analysis Unit has told Brietbart Insider that a fourth development is underway into a child trafficking and pedophile sex ring that operates in Washington, all the way to Saudi Arabia.

John Podesta and Comet Ping Pong Pizza are at the center of this investigation, with the hidden basement underneath used as an underground auction site for white children to be sold a cabal of powerful Moslems and Marxists.

It has been said that these children will be sold to Moslems who are actually part of an underground network organized and funded by the Clinton Foundation.

According to reliable Brietbart Insider sources, a donation of 140,000 to the Foundation will get you as many as 88 child slaves to be used in Moslem brothels.


Investigators became aware of the sex ring following the seizure of Anthony Weiner’s laptop.


On an archived thread on 4chan, an major FBI insider alleged that the Clinton email server investigation was ACTUALLY A DISTRACTION from the much BIGGER story concerning the Clinton Foundation and its connection to an underground Moslem sex trafficking ring.


Another extremely reliable Law Enforcement source posting to “Donald Trump 🔥 AMERICA FIRST” facebook group has even gone so far to assert that Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett may be PART of this Moslem/Marxist scheme.

James Taylor, a disinfo expert associated with the Clinton Camp, and also a convicted sex offender was arrested not far from Comet Ping Pong Pizza under suspicion of human trafficking and violation of his Parol Agreement, but refused to say anything to law enforcement aside from requesting his attorney be present during questioning.

He was reportedly released after a call from the Justice Department to FBI Officials holding him.

Brietbart Insider is taking all reports very seriously and investigating them further.

(((Mark Zuckerberg))) and Moslem Google CEO Sundar Pichai have been quashing all attempts to spread this story on social media, so do not be surprised if your post is hidden.

The best way to combat this is to share the article as far and wide as possible.

They can’t silence us all.






  1. Wow, I can’t believe what Obama has done to this country.

  2. I also traffic children and I was expecting a full delivery of 3 white 10 year old boys and 6 8 year old girls i do not know why they have not arrived yet I also ordered 10 of the used options consisting of autism perscribed children I also ordered the cheaper handicapped options that are less likely to run away from my belt. Thank you and i am a fruity boy. I am mosluim.

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