Portland ‘Hero’ Who ‘Saved’ Moslem Girls From Attacker Turns Out To Be Employed As Crisis Actor

Brietbart Insider investigative journalists have uncovered the disturbing fact that Jeremy McLellan, the ‘Hero’ lauded for saving two Moslem girls on a bus from an ‘Islamaphobic ruffian’, is actually professionally employed as a crisis actor by an extremist Moslem advocacy group with ties to the Moslem Brotherhood.

This ‘advocacy’ group, CAIR (Council on American–Islamic Relations), appears to actually be a money laundering front for Radical Jihadists and Leftist/Maoists.

Public records show that they employ anything from fake protesters and crisis actors to fake medical personal — they even have a budget for a comedy circuit.

Jeremy McLellan is listed deep within their website code as one their foremost and well paid crisis actors, as well as moonlighting as a comedian from time to time.

We’ve listened to his stuff, and it’s not very good.

According to our analysts of the internet traffic surrounding this breaking story, Moslem ‘Google’ CEO Sundar Pichai has been quashing all attempts to share this story on social media and internet search results, so do not be surprised if your post is hidden or deleted.

The best way to combat this is to share the article as far and wide as possible.

They can’t silence us all.

Keep digging, the TRUTH may surprise you.

Header Image by Gage Skidmore, Some Rights Reserved



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