Laboratory That Invented Zika Virus Owned By Billionaire Bill Gates

You’ll never believe the source of the Zika Virus.

As it turns out, Billionaire ‘Philanthropist’ Bill Gates (Real name William Henry Gates III) is behind the multi-million dollar laboratory that released it to the public.

According to one of the world’s Top Experts, professor Francis A. Boyle, Zika virus was created as a bio-weapon by world governments.

What does Bill Gates have planned for such a weapon?

Several theories have been floated.

As YourNewsWire has astutely pointed out, Bill is obsessed with global depopulation plans through use of vaccines.

Maybe now that the world is waking up to vaccines, a Zika Virus spread through GMO Mosquitoes is the next step?

Keep digging, the TRUTH may surprise you.

Header Image by Kjetil Ree, Some Rights Reserved

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