Look: Trump’s Border Wall Plan Leaked – 10 Times Better Than Obama’s Fence

You’re going to want to see these diagrams.

Obama and Hillary had their fence – now Trump will get his wall.

And you’re going to like it.

On Tuesday, 11:49 PM, the DHS internal website was compromised by the hacker known as 4chan, and several hundred pages detailing Trump’s border security plan were released.

These plans including small, UAV drones, increased satellite technology so that Border Patrol and ICE can liaison to see where people are crossing, and among other things, a multilayered wall structure that is going to make it hard for Jose and Maria to get passed.

The wall is an early draft for press, and is not in it’s complete stages, so these things are subject to change.

But what we do know about the wall shows an observation post, infirmary, bunker, guard corps, anti-tank contingencies, an anti-aircraft guns to keep our brave members of the Border Patrol safe from foreign attacks by Middle Eastern or Latin American governments.

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The plans are impressive, to say the least.

The Trump administration did not disappoint on this one, and the #NeverTrump crowd will be hard pressed to say our president isn’t doing enough to secure the border.

Sadly, not everyone is happy with this plan. The #Snowflakes at liberal publications like HuffingtonPost and Reason Magazine has bemoaned it as ‘costly’ and ‘inhumane’.

Sorry liberals, no cost is too high when the security of our nation is at stake.

And last I checked, there is no such thing as human ‘rights’ when it comes to illegal immigrants.

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  1. More Mexicans have been and still are leaving the USA than entering. The wall would lock them in! LOL

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