Mexican, Deported 11 Times, Drowns Toddler In Tub While Nannying

This will make parents think twice about hiring an illegal.

Maria Tanya Garcia, 34, was arrested Thursday evening after Brownsville PD reviewed footage from a nanny-cam revealing the disturbing fate of Diego Luna, 3.

His father, Alejandro Luna, said that they never suspected Maria was capable of such a thing.

Alejandro and his wife said they knew something was wrong when they came home Wednesday night and found Diego unresponsive on the couch.

Maria was no longer there, and authorities say she fled to her boyfriend’s house to hide after the incident.

Robert Williams, her now ex-boyfriend said he was not aware she was a fugitive at the time and is convinced of her innocence.

Brownsville PD has declined to charge him with harboring a fugitive, although he was arrested on an outstanding warrant for Cocaine possession.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders took a moment out of her day to be more candid with reporters outside of Capital Hill, telling them that stories like these are why Trump and his administration are so passionate about prosecuting employers that hire illegal immigrants.

The Trump administration is expected to roll out an executive order Friday that will result in harsher penalties and more comprehensive enforcement of E-verify laws.

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