Press Secretary Sean Spicer Declines Cameras and Low-Information Voters

Monday was the seventh straight day that Trump Administration Press Secretary Sean Spicer has forbidden the use of cameras in his press briefing. Numerous mainstream media outlets were overheard complaining that the lack of video of the press briefings would hurt ratings and lower viewership.

But Brietbart Insider sources in the White House tell us that Secretary Spicer has another plan in mind. “These low-information voters, college protesters, and feminists who run out and riot and loot are very dependent on video coverage of news stories.” an anonymous aide said. “They don’t read as much as our core supporters, so we figure, by disallowing cameras, we are better able to communicate directly with real Americans who are truly interested in making America great again.”

Other sources suggested that disallowing cameras would help calm rioters down without hurting communication to more literate voters.


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