Rose McGowan Arrested by Military Police After Bringing Narcotics onto Air Base in Her Purse

Rose McGowan had a rude awakening Wednesday morning when military police placed her under felony arrest for trafficking narcotics in an airbase.

Military police detained her on suspicion of possession of cocaine, a schedule 2 drug, and suspicion of practicing satanism on a US Airbase, a class B felony.

The police found over a half quart of cocaine stashed deep inside her purse, and a rectal examination retrieved ‘satanist paraphernalia’ according to a US Airbase doctor.

Rose McGowan told Brietbart Insider that she had been framed for these crimes, and blamed western patriarchal culture.

Rose McGowan is a recent convert to Islam and has been seen studying the Koran with Imam Sumayyah Dawud as recently as last saturday.

More information is coming soon.

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(U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Lakisha A. Croley/Released) 

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