Top 10 Reasons Mexican Immigration Is Bad For Our Economy

1. They Take Our Jobs

Mexicans are known for taking jobs that Americans want. This is not fair. No jobs for Mexicans until EVERY AMERICAN has full employment.

2. They Are Lazy

They are slothful, stay at home, and as a result are an overall drain on society.


3. We Are FULL

No Mas.

4. They Bring In Drugs

Did you know that many Americans are using drugs that are grown or produced in Mexico, then smuggled in by Mexicans? Solve the Mexican problem, solve the drug problem.

5. They Are Rapists

They come to our country and white women and children everywhere have to live in fear of being molested by them.
We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children — by keeping Mexicans out.

6. They Might Be Terrorists

Muslims and Mexicans look very much alike, so it is hard to distinguish who is a threat to national security.
Better safe than sorry, keep them all out of my USA.

7. They Use Up Our Resources

Mexicans are a very needy people, always buying things for their huge families and buying out all the groceries that are needed for Americans.
American only has so much to give, it should be saved for Americans, not foreign invading hoards.

8. They Undermine Our Culture

Mexican is a very dominant culture, they undermine our precious American culture and values.

9. They Undermine Our Heritage.

America has a rich heritage of classic European values that we hold still today. Invading immigrants from Mexico will tarnish that great American heritage.

10. They Pollute Our Gene Pool

America is in danger of white genocide, not just from the overall invasion of these invaders but from the race mixers in our midst as well. Interracial couples are the biggest threat to our economy today BAR NONE. It tears the very fabric of our great nation apart. Longstanding pure bloodlines are destroyed, never to be restored.

I know of many things that made America great, and let me tell you, one of them was NOT diversity.



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