Uncovered: Obama’s Secret Plan to put Islam into Orbit

If you thought that the terror of Islam was limited to just a few countries in the Middle East you are wrong- dead wrong.

Since taking office in January, the Trump Administration has had its hands full trying to undo the eight years of catastrophic damage wreaked upon the nation by former President Barack Hussein Obama. But until now, it never occurred to many that the conspiracy of Islam would have ever reached space.

On Wednesday, to a select group of reporters, NASA Deputy Administrator Lese Roe unveiled a secret plan of the Obama Administration to install an Islamic module aboard the ISS. In cooperation with Russian interests, eager to pacify the 15% of its population which is Muslim, the proposed “Iftah” module would feature a computerized astrolabe designed to calculate the direction and distance to Mecca, velcro-equipped prayer rugs, and “Islamic-friendly” laboratory equipment.

According to mission documents, the module’s designers hoped that it would encourage better Islamic-American relations, ultimately leading to Iranian participation in the ISS. The Iftah module was to cost $305 Million USD, and was halfway funded in part by Obama administration cuts to US Coast Guard expenditures. Because of delayed negotiations with NASA’s Russian counterparts, the module’s public announcement was to be delayed until April of 2017, and its launch delayed until sometime in late 2018.

It is expected that the Iftah module will be eliminated in the next round of President Trump’s executive orders.

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